Thursday 13 February 2020
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An Informative Guide on Body Scrub Massage

An Informative Guide on Body Scrub Massage

A body scrub does the task of cleaning your skin. It is facial for your body which exfoliates and hydrates the body skin. This gives a smooth and soft look to it. Body scrubbing is done with the help of salt or sugar and it is mixed with aromatic massage oil to provide relaxation to your body. After the body scrub massage, a cream is applied to the same to make your skin hydrated.

When you go on vacation visiting a city spa is the perfect way of relaxing yourself. There are many types of massages given at these centers, strom spa at Quebec in Canada provides memorable experiences to people. It heals your body and mind and stimulates your immune system, which has a positive effect on your health. The alternate hot and cold bath gives good thermal experiences to the person who is in the spa.

The Procedure Followed During A Body Scrub

It is usually given in a wet room which consists of a tiled floor and a drain. You are supposed to lie down on the massage table with your face down. The table is covered with a sheet, towel or plastic and a shower is attached overhead. The therapist rinses the exfoliant on your back and also on the backside of your arms and legs. You are covered with a towel and the body part which is under treatment is exposed.

When the job is done, you move to the shower room to take a shower. Rinse well so that the granules of the scrub are removed from your body. Avoid using a shower gel because it will remove the aromatic oil from your skin. It is considered a good option to keep these oils on your body. After taking the shower you lie on the table and the therapist applies oil and lotion to your body.

Other Necessary Things You Need to Know

  • In some spa centers, body scrubbing is done in rooms which do not have a shower and exfoliant is removed with steamed towels.
  • Firstly, body scrub can be applied which cleans your skin. After this massaging can be done to give relaxation.
  • In some states, aestheticians and even some people who do not have a license are allowed to do a body scrub


Applying a body scrub to your body exfoliates it, opens the pores. It is the best way of relaxing and nourishing your body with oils. It provides a smooth and soft appearance to it. This involves mild massaging which provides a relaxing and soothing effect.