Thursday 13 February 2020
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Post Pregnancy Beauty Treatment Mom’s Need to Consider Wisely

Post Pregnancy Beauty Treatment Mom’s Need to Consider Wisely

After childbirth, moms are entitled to get their physical appearance on track. Due to bodily and hormone changes, you experienced weird things transpiring with your skin and hair. Until now you were pregnant, no one expected that you look pretty.

Everyone complemented you on handling pregnancy in a good way. These comments made you glow more than your exterior looks. Now, it is time to consider post-pregnancy treatments.

Get massage

Massage is safe during pregnancy and encouraged after childbirth too. New moms really deserve relaxation after the pain of giving birth. Bone structure was changed physically, and pelvis is all stressed out. Massage is great to reduce deep muscle stress.

Make sure that the spa à Québec [spa in Quebec City] send a masseur experienced in post pregnancy massage. You can even tell them about the tender regions, when it starts to hurt.

Get manicure and pedicure

Hormones are crazy as minerals and vitamins increase blood flow rapidly, so finger and toe nails also grow faster. During pregnancy getting manicure is allowed but as chemicals are involved it is wise to wait till post pregnancy. Now, you can look at your beautiful toenails, without craning neck across the baby bump.

Exfoliate and moisturize legs

Due to baby bump growth, access to your leg is impossible. Moreover, your legs get swollen and there are odd dark spots seen during pregnancy. Now, you are free to enjoy your routine beauty care like bending down and scrubbing legs easily, in the shower.


After childbirth, wait for few weeks before indulging in facial. Give hormones time to calm down or certain chemicals will not be good for your skin, which is still tender. Avoid hot stones, chemical peels, and aroma therapy until breast feeding gets finished. It is wise to be safe than sorry.

For firm skin go natural

New moms desire to get their body shape back before pregnancy. After stretching this far and changing, don’t expect it to be the same. There is no rapid solution to get skin toned and firmed nicely but be patience and give it time. Natural solution is healthy eating and exercise.

Stretch marks

Your belly and even thighs, feet or chest will be left with stretch marks. Home remedies include oil blended with lavender, chamomile and calendula. Even oils with vitamin E and A are wonderful post pregnancy for stretch marks.

Avoid hair color for some time

Hair must not be permed or dyed during pregnancy and post pregnancy till 9 months. Chemicals can impact breast milk production. There is hardly any evidence about that but it is sensible to avoid it.

Beauty treatments that includes organic ingredients can be started instantly post pregnancy.